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Community-lead Collaboration, Communication, and Information Sharing Process

What is the

Regional Destination Development?

A first-ever community-led regional development process for the Rural Upper Bay of Fundy region is bringing people together to develop a plan that reflects the area’s unique community assets and opportunities.

The initiative covers an area that stretches from Hillsborough, Riverside Albert, Alma through Sussex, St. Martins, and the adjacent rural areas and brings together business operators, non-profit organizations, residents, and local municipal officials.

Bay of Fundy Coastline

Map of Project Regions

We would like to begin by saying that the land on which we gather is the traditional unceded and unsurrendered territory of the Wabanaki People and is covered by the Covenant Chain of Sacred Peace and Friendship Treaties signed between 1725 and 1779. These treaties have been affirmed and are protected by Section 35 of the Canada Constitution. We would like to extend our appreciation for the opportunity to live, learn, and work on their territory.



Frozen Mudflats

UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Reserve

Fatbiking at

Waterside Beach

UNESCO Fundy Bioshere Reserve

Community Management

The project is co-managed by a Working Group, which includes people from around the region, and is administered by The Friends of Fundy, a non-profit charitable organization, which provides financial and administrative management for the project.

The members of the Working Group are:

  • Micha Fardy, Friends of Fundy, Alma (co-lead)

  • Mike Carpenter, Red Rock Adventure, St. Martins (co-lead)

  • Kevin Berry, Village of Hillsborough

  • Lisa Brown, Farmer Brown’s Greenhouse / Foods of the Fundy Valley

  • Jim Campbell, Village of Riverside-Albert, Chipoudy Communities Revitalization Committee

  • Janet Clouston, Albert County Historical Society and Museum, 

  • Jennifer Dingman, UNESCO designated Fundy Biosphere

  • Jamie Hare, Poley Mountain Resorts, Waterford

  • Michelle Harvey-Larsen, Albert County Tourism Association, Studio on the Marsh Gallery

  • Jordan Jamison, St. Martins & District Chamber of Commerce, St. Martins

  • Jason Thorne, Town of Sussex

  • Paul Winkle, Beach Street Inn, St. Martins

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