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Using Instagram to highlight your business

Connecting through Instagram

Last summer, while scrolling through Instagram, I saw someone kayaking in the Bay of Fundy. It looked amazing, and was just a short drive from home! A week later I was out on the water, kayaking and taking my own pictures of the bay. 

I’m not alone in brainstorming for vacations on social media: Instagram has become one of the go-to places for people to get inspired for their next vacation. In fact, in a recent survey by Instagram it was found that 48% of users will look to Instagram when researching where to travel and to get inspired on new destinations, meaning this is a great platform for local tourism-related businesses to be on! Below are a few quick tips to make Instagram an easy-to-use platform for your business.

2. If you also have a Facebook page, consider using Facebook’s “Meta Suite” to post on Instagram and Facebook simultaneously. To do this, you’ll first need to link your Facebook and Instagram accounts, but after that posting on both accounts will keep people on various platforms updated! You can access this from the homepage of your Facebook business page.

  1. This is what the Meta Business Suite link looks like on Facebook:

You’ll just have to make sure that both the “Facebook” and “Instagram'' symbols are selected so it posts to both! 

  1. Utilize the “link in bio feature.” Did you know that you can’t click on links in Instagram captions? Because of this, it is important to add them to your profile (by clicking “edit profile) rather than adding them to the caption. This way, visitors can easily access the link.

    1. If you have multiple links, you can try creating a LinkTree, which is a website that can act as a landing page for any links you need to share! Check it out here: 

    2. The Friends of Fundy uses their LinkTree to share registration for events, websites, and social media platforms as is seen in the picture below:

3. Our final advice for Instagram is to Include hashtags in the caption of your post. This is an easy and quick way to reach a wider audience. Listed below are some popular hashtags in the area that we recommend using, but feel free to make up your own to suit your business’ needs!

  1. #newbrunswick

  2. #bayoffundy

  3. #exploreNB

  4. #hopewellrocks

  5. #fundytrailparkway

  6. #fundynationalpark

  7. #fundy

And that's it for our first round of advice on making your business shine online! Have any questions? Send us a message on Facebook!

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