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Making your business shine online

Work. Sleep. Repeat. 100 unread emails. Pushing appointments until the seemingly never-ending ‘busy season’ is over. That is what this time of year feels like for many living near the Bay of Fundy. Meaning that your business’ online presence is probably the last thing on your mind. But, there are some quick and easy steps you can take to improve your online presence which will make communication with your customers so much easier!

This week, I’ll be sharing effortless ways to make your business a hit on some of the top online platforms in the tourism industry: Google, Facebook, and Instagram. These tips and tricks are based on Kevin Berry’s Digital Footprint Assessment, which is available in our Phase 1 Report.

Starting with one of the easiest way to make your business more visible… the Tourism New Brunswick website! The Tourism NB travel website is a high-scoring, high-authority site that dependably delivers page 1 search results for relevant terms for most listed businesses, meaning, if your business is on this website, it will likely be a first result on Google. If you aren’t already listed on the Tourism NB website, keep reading to learn how!  

Tourism NB Homepage

Tourism NB has provided many tools for local operators to create and manage their listings as well as to create and upload other content such as deals and packages. 

  1. This is an immediate and easy to complete activity for any tourism operator or entity in the region. Here is the link to submit a listing: 

  2. Simply click on the link above and complete the required information (anything with a red asterisk*)

    1. You’ll have to select from different classifications, tell them the seasonality of your business, and answer a few other questions. 

Once you’ve completed this, your business is sure to be visible on the first page of Google! This is a great way to get customers information about what you do while they are planning their trip.


Wondering how else you can make a big impact on potential visitors? Tune back in tomorrow for tips on how to put Google Profiles to use for your business!

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